Name: Cranberry Sausage Stuffed Wild Boar Loin Roast - Gluten Free
Description: Wild boar grazes on wild grasses and grains in a free range, free choice environment. Wild boar is leaner and more flavourful than regular pork. It is darker in colour and has a distinctive flavour with a hint of its wild heritage. This crispy wild boar roast with wild boar cranberry sausage stuffing yields an incredibly rich and succulent flesh with a juicy cranberry sausage filling. But perhaps the best part of all is all the crisp and deliciously fatty topping which happens after a long slow roast in your oven or smoker. Wild boar has been prized for centuries across the whole of Europe, Scandinavia, and southern Russia, and were once considered the royal meat of kings. And this roast will surely not disappoint.
Price: $99.99/2 x 1.36 kg